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Helping Humans Since 2006

Hello and welcome! I am happy you are here making yourself a priority. Seeking to share your story can be difficult and scary, but here you are doing it anyway. My name is Jenna. Ever since I was young, folks have been drawn to share their stories with me. They have always felt most comfortable sharing their pain, grief and trauma chapters. I discovered early on that being a human who can sit in these feelings with others is a gift of comfort I have to offer that is far more rare in our world than I would like to admit. I have always found  listening to these chapters and comforting others to be my calling. 

Like many of us do, once I found my calling I plowed through the colonial professional path, obtained degree's and  

became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner in Omaha, NE. I began my professional career as a social worker helping youth and their families in a variety of different agency settings and roles. After a decade in these settings and a global pandemic making us all change our lives I decided to go into private practice and help folks heal in whatever way I can with my specific gifts. This was the first step in my journey to decolonize my life and living outside the norms established by these toxic belief systems. I turned to using my wisdom, intuition and compassion rather than following a western therapy script. I teach others how to get rid of their scripts and tap into their authenticity to create their best life.


I am always working to remove the shame away from acknowledging our humanity and seeking help when we are struggling.

You are the expert on your life and the life you want. I am a support and my knowledge, intuition and compassion are resources that can enable you to make your dreams come alive. I have come to view myself as a healer. Someone who can sit with others through the examination of their deepest pain and fears. Helping others to process through these difficult emotions and learn how to find the hope for a better tomorrow.

It is my priority to create a space in which humans can feel free to express themselves without shame. Dreams can't come alive without honesty. Humans need to feel they are able to be honest with themselves and others. To create change we must be able to speak aloud our truth. 

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