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Helping Humans Since 2006

Hello and welcome! I am happy you are here making yourself a priority. Seeking help can be difficult and scary, but here you are doing it anyway. My name is Jenna Lopez. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner in Omaha, NE. I have been working as a Social Worker for the past 14 years and as a mental health provider since 2010. I am always working to remove the stigma around mental health in order to take the shame away from acknowledging our humanity and seeking help when we are struggling.

I use a client centered and strengths based approach in assisting humans to reach their desired goals. I believe You are the expert on your life and the life you want. I am a support and my expertise a resource that can enable you to make your dreams come alive. I have spent the majority of my Social Work career working with individuals who have experienced trauma, are coping with symptoms of major mental health disorders and those struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity. Through this work I have come to view myself as a healer. Someone who can sit with others through the examination of their deepest pain and fears. Helping others to process through these difficult emotions and learn how to find the hope for a better tomorrow.

A corner stone of my clinical philosophy is to come from a nonjudgemental stance. It is my priority to create a space in which humans can feel free to express themselves without shame. Therapy can not work without honesty. Clients need to feel they are able to be honest with themselves and with me. They can only achieve this if there is no fear of judgement. As a Social Worker I am also very action oriented and love to problem solve. Using my skills as an advocate and broker I am great at assisting others in developing action plans and connecting to resources in order to reach their goals.

Words that have frequently been used by my clients to describe me are; compassionate, joyful, loving and enthusiastic. 

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