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It is through authentic genuine connection and expression that we are able to heal. Therefore I provide authentic, genuine connections based on reciprocity in order help humans accomplish their goals. 

  • The Best Friend Experience: Want the vibe of deep talking about life's up's and down's with your bestie. The friend you can trust to tell you like it is with honesty and compassion. Never needing to worry, "are we talking to much about me?" because reciprocity is achieved through your gift of financial compensation relieving the need to support emotionally in return.  

  • The Witchy Experience: Want the magic brought back into the mundane of your life to inspire your next personal transformation? What better way than to seek the services of a Witch! Tarot, candle magick and more are brought in as tools to help you connect with the divine within. Learn to work with your energy, intention and action to magically make the desired changes in your life. 

  • Your Cool Aunt Experience: The kids are gonna be alright...when they have their village centered around supporting them. Sometimes talking to a parent is hard and having a cool aunt that they and parents trust to talk too can help them realize their full potential. 

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Pleasure Party participant testimonials...

  • I really enjoyed the comfortable open environment that Jenna created so we could all share and ask questions. I loved how she set up the different stages of consent as we moved through different topics. She was very fun and knowledgeable.

  • I really enjoyed how positive and open the experience was, and appreciated the thoughtful planning that went into the event. It was so well-organized, with many examples and visuals to enhance the information that was discussed. Jenna was very knowledgeable, could speak on a variety of topics, and answer questions with ease and care.

  • The shape of a he clitoris-I had no idea it wasn’t just the little protuberance! It has changed the way I masturbate.

  • So many topics to discuss, the night went by to quickly. :)

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